Our vision is to help parents and caregivers who want more for their children

Skylark Learning is a family company that makes fun and innovative educational toys and games to help children develop truly useful skills.

We work with world-class experts in the fields of psychology, education and child development, and draw upon the experience of thousands of families. We then turn all of this into fun and engaging games and toys.

The best way for a child to learn is through play and discovery. No screens: just imaginative, hands-on learning through fun games and toys your child won’t be able to put down.

The years before school are vital for a child’s development. That’s why we focus our games and toys on helping pre-schoolers to develop skills that will really help them in the future. Skills for learning, skills for life!


Our Foundation for Learning shows the key skills that we cover and how a baby’s natural curiosity combined with meaningful, child-led play with parents can help develop and accelerate these key social and life skills.

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Committed To Quality

At Skylark Learning, we’re committed to producing exciting, high-quality resources to help children learn and develop. Our products provide parents with the tools and support to help their child learn in a meaningful environment.

Committed To Effectiveness

We believe the key to an effective educational resource is a good methodology. For this reason, we have taken care to develop our unique products with the help of British education, psychology and language specialists.

Committed To Growth

We’re always looking for partners to help take our unique resources to little learners across the globe. Sound interesting? See what opportunities there are for you!

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